1. Which devices can I use ShareScope and SharePad on?

ShareScope is a software program which you install on your PC. If you have a laptop and a desktop PC you can install it on both. SharePad is accessed via a web browser which means you can login on any tablet, laptop or PC.

2. Which tablet computers is SharePad compatible with?

SharePad is compatible with iPads (iOS7 onwards) and Android tablets (e.g. Nexus, Tesco Hudl). We recommend a minimum resolution of 1024x768.

3. Which web browsers is SharePad compatible with?

We recommend using SharePad with Mozilla FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome. It can be used with Internet Explorer 10 and above but some export functions may not work. Safari is the default browser on Apple Mac devices and both Firefox and Chrome can be downloaded free from their respective websites.

4. Can I buy shares and funds through SharePad or ShareScope?

No you will need a stockbroker account for this. You can record your transactions in SharePad but this isn't absolutely necessary. Many investors use tax-efficient savings accounts (ISAs) or Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP) accounts.

5. Will I be tied in to a contract?

We offer a full no-quibble refund in the first 30 days of your subscription (for first-time members only). After that, monthly subscriptions can be cancelled any time before your next payment date. Annual subscriptions will be cancelled on the renewal date.

6. Are there any hidden costs?

No. Your monthly, or annual, subscription fee is all you will pay. Prices include VAT.

7. How often is data updated?

Share prices are updated either real-time, delayed by 15 minutes, or once a day (after market close) depending on your subscription level:

SharePad: 15 minutes delayed
SharePad Pro: Real-time
ShareScope Gold: Once daily
ShareScope Plus: 15 minutes delayed
ShareScope Pro: Real-time

Fundamental data (company results, broker forecasts etc) are updated once a day (usually around noon).

In SharePad, data is updated without you having to do anything. In ShareScope, the latest data will be downloaded in the background and you will be prompted to refresh your databases. You can set this to happen automatically if you prefer.

8. Will I miss any data if I don't use the service for a few days?


9. How are SharePad and ShareScope different to the free tools on my broker's website?

Your broker's website may provide lots of data but it doesn't help you compare and research investments very easily. Nor does it tell you much about the health of your portfolio. Read Why SharePad is better than the free tools on your broker's website to see the gulf in functionality and quality.

10. Do SharePad and ShareScope include funds?

Yes, SharePad includes not only funds but also other types of collective instrument like investment trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs) - both of which can be used as alternatives to funds. SharePad makes it easy for you to compare different instruments and find the ones which offer the best combination of performance and low fees. You can invest in any of these fund products via your ISA or SIPP provider.

11. How will SharePad or ShareScope "pay for itself"?

SharePad will help you become a better investor. It will help you identify shares more likely to succeed; it will help you get better prices for the shares you buy; it will help you find better value alternatives to the funds promoted by your broker. Customers tell us that these performance gains and cost-savings far outweigh the annual subscription cost of SharePad.

12. Do you provide share tips or investment advice?

No, our aim is to teach customers how to make their own investment decisions. The investment management industry makes a vast amount of money playing on investor ignorance. We believe that if you understand why you are buying an investment and the factors that can affect the value of that investment you will be better positioned to manage your savings safely. Ultimately, you will be a more successful investor.

Since using ShareScope my profitable trades have risen to an unbelievable level, whereby it has paid for itself many times over in a very short time.

TJS, Frome

13. Do you provide telephone support?

Yes you can call or email us. We have a dedicated customer support team here in our London office which is open from 8am to 5:30pm. We actively encourage customers to call with any questions. If you are new to investing or trading, you'll probably be unfamiliar with the terminology and concepts; give us a call and we'll be more than happy to explain. Our friendly support team has no targets to achieve, will NEVER try and sell you anything, and will take as long as necessary to answer all your questions.

What a shame it is that more companies don't offer your level of customer care! An example to all.

GW, Basingstoke

14. Who provides your data?

We take our data very seriously and we take all steps possible to ensure that the data we provide is of the highest quality. We do this by partnering with the leading data suppliers in the industry including The London Stock Exchange, FTSE, Interactive Data, Morningstar, Hemscott, Nasdaq, CME, Exchange Data International and Dow Jones Newswires.

15. What if I don't understand stock markets or anything about company accounts?

If you are going to invest we recommend you start learning how to compare different types of investment and identify which offer the most value and potential gain. Otherwise you will be relying on share tips and the recommendations of others. You'll find yourself watching the ups and downs of your portfolio with a feeling of helplessness. Better to take responsibility for your investment decisions and take the credit for your growing wealth. Especially as you could be investing for decades! Our goal is to help all customers become confident and successful investors. Phil Oakley's free Step-by-Step Guide to Investment Analysis and weekly tutorials are available free on our website.

16. Why is it better to manage my own investments rather than entrust my money to a wealth manager?

Quite frankly, you can do a good job yourself without having to pay fees to a professional. Read How you can beat the professionals.

17. How does the Tell a Friend offer work?

If you introduce a friend to SharePad or ShareScope you will get up to two months FREE subscription and your friend will get one free month. Click here for more details.