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August 2015 A very busy year! - Alpesh's View - Phil Oakley's favourite features - New video tutorials - ShareScope support - Enhanced fund data - Final call: investment awards View PDF
July 2014 ShareScope training and webinars - Pairs Trading - Alternatives to the PE ratio - Additional settings and layouts - Left-click column editing for Mac users - Results & ratios - multi-year averages - Latest vales for indicators - Keep windows open function - Dividend history - Printing ShareScope layouts - Customising the Guru filters in ShareScript - Vote for ShareScope View PDF
December 2013 ShareScope voted Best Investment Software - New features in latest version (v.7.0) - Building the Ideal Portfolio guide - An introduction to company results data - Exporting portfolio value data - Reloading when minimised - Smarter Stock Picking book - ShareScript studies: Gartley patterns - Christmas hours View PDF
July 2013 Alpesh's Market View - Brokers' price targets now in ShareScope - Filtering news stories - Pairs trading - Is value investing still relevant? - Customising the Details view - Track the performance of your holdings on price charts - SIGnet Index - ShareScope on Google+ - Vince Stanzione's new book - 10 free copies to give away View PDF
March 2013 Alpesh's View from the Top - WatchMyStocks email alert service - Some stats from the customer survey - Changing lists - Fundamentals - Institutional ownership - Filtering data - Comparing the performance of one instrument with another - Tell A Friend referral scheme View PDF
December 2012 Alpesh's View from the Top - Success at the IC and Shares awards - Forthcoming features - Phil's Hidden Gems - 9 ways ShareScope's portfolio management tools will help you increase your profits - Some computer jargon explained View PDF
September 2012 Alpesh's View from the Top - London Investor show - New update procedure - News filtering - New DDE tables - Changing the size of news story text - How to check if your closing prices are up-to-date - InfoCentre - ShareScript tools - Vote for ShareScope View PDF
July 2012 Alpesh's View from the Top - View news stories for your portfolio - View calendar for your portfolio - Password protect your copy of ShareScope - Rename your Settings - Candlestick pattern recognition trend options - Making the best use of your screen space - Some popular ShareScripts View PDF
March 2012 Alpesh's View from the Top - New features in version 6.30 - 6 tips that could revolutionise your stock-picking - ShareScope User Guide - Using dialogs in ShareScript View PDF
December 2011 Alpesh's View from the Top - Using dynamically-linked toolbars - Understanding directors' dealings - Creating ShareScript columns - ShareScope on Facebook View PDF
October 2011 Alpesh's View from the Top - Filtering news stories - Sharing graphs and tables with other users - Understanding risk analysis metrics - ShareScript indicator basics View PDF
July 2011 (part 2) Alpesh's View from the Top - Using ShareScope on a Mac - New search features - Using ranking columns to compare companies - Understanding the SIGnet index - New transactions columns - Updating the US shares and unit trusts databases - Malcolm Pryor book special offer - Watch a fellow user's YouTube videos - Date and share picker options in ShareScript View PDF
July 2011 (part 1) What's New in ShareScope v.6.20 - Support for Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT4 - US price & results data - Economic data View PDF
May 2011 Alpesh's View from the Top - Portfolio management & dynamic portfolios - Directors' dealings display options - Creating at-a-glance chart layouts - Understanding broker ratings - Double-checking the spread - ShareScript dialog box template View PDF
March 2011 Alpesh's View from the Top - Using charts to practice trade entry/exit points - Using the Relative Strength indicator - Backing up and restoring your data - Example ShareScript: Fundamental Performance View PDF
December 2010 Alpesh's View from the Top - Understanding investment trust metrics - Net gearing - Interest cover - Operating margin - Using the Dynamic Timescale feature - Displaying percentage price change on charts - Help in ShareScope - Example ShareScript: Crossfinder View PDF
October 2010 Alpesh's View from the Top - Finding shares with a consistent record of dividend growth - Investing based on Joel Greenblatt's stock-picking strategy - ShareScript introduction View PDF